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Marozia, basic origin of the legend of Pope Joan, was involved in the first pontificate of Pope Sergius III (904-911). Before, Leo V attempted to prevent access to the papal throne. Leon was high priest for a month before being imprisoned by a usurper, Cardinal Christopher. Sergio got rid of them by killing them.

Again, the Pope exhumed Sergio Formoso, now deceased for ten years, and condemn him again. Having been ordered by Formoso, strictly Sergio should have been held in fake, but the theological subtleties were outside his nature. As good providence, decapitated the corpse of Formoso, also three toes amputated before launching into the Tiber. When the headless torso was entangled in the net of a fisherman, the spoils gained a new existence of rapture to be returned for the second time in San Pedro.

Marozia and Pope in turn

When Marozia became the mistress of Sergio, was fifteen and he was forty-five. Pope had a son whose career was devoted. Sergio would die five years later, after seven swollen pontificate of bloodshed, intrigue and passion.

Marozia never forget his childhood sweetheart. The lie with the Pope had given him experience and a joy to serve three marriages and countless adventures blur failed. Pope Sergio seduced her first in the Lateran Palace. Their paths had often intertwined, since much Marozia's childhood had passed there, as was his father being head of the Senate of Rome.
But there came a time when Sergio realized that this amazing girl had become a woman of ravishing beauty blooming. With respect to Marozia, which sought the Pope was not so much pleasure and ecstasy emanating from power.

His mother, Theodora, had already done and undone when two popes, contrary to canon law, took her hand to her favorite philanderer elevated him first bishop of Bologna archbishop of Ravenna and finally placed him in the chair St. Peter as Pope John X. Liutprand, bishop of Cremona, wrote: "Theodora, as a loss, fearing it would lack opportunities to sleep with her beau, forced him to abandon his bishopric and appropriating - Oh, monstrous crime! - The papacy of Rome." This took place in March 914, when Marozia was twenty-two. A Marozia not care too much, his son was too young for the papacy, even for those times.

In those moments, stormed the stage family of Alberico originating in Tuscany, in the north. Pope John X suggested his bedfellow, Teodora, the link between Marozia and Alberico could be beneficial for everyone. Marozia detected and the rising star of that union born son Alberico. Alberico father, perhaps instigated by his wife, attempted a coup to seize early the direction of Rome and was killed. Pope John forced the young widow to contemplate his maimed body. It was a mistake. A woman who had slept with Pope Sergio knew all the springs of revenge.


As soon Theodora died in 928, Pope Marozia jailed before ordering to be drowned. His eldest son had now seventeen. Soon, very soon, he would have enough experience to occupy the papacy. He had been prepared for it thanks to a full and sensory immoral. The two popes had a brief pontificate either disappeared under mysterious circumstances. At the age of twenty, the son of Pope Sergius Marozia and became Pope John XI:

But the ambitions of Marozia went even further. Upon the death of Guido, her second husband, married his brother, Hugo, king of Provence. Hugo was already married, but his wife was away with ease. Marozia was lucky that her son was Pope could dispense the happy couple all impediments, such as incest. What could prevent his becoming emperor new husband and her in the new empress? Sergio was something he would have wanted. In the spring of 932, John Xi officiated the wedding of his mother in Rome.

Then it all fell apart because of Marozia second son, the jealous Alberico, eighteen years of age. Rome seized to become a doer of Popes. Provence Hugo left his wife and disgraced. Alberico put John XI, his brother and son of Pope Sergius, under permanent arrest in Lateran, where he died four years later and disaffection even worse, put in prison for his own mother.

Scorched the flower of his youth, Marozia woman remained a distinction when first trod the mausoleum of Hadrian, known popularly by Castel Sant 'Angelo. Remain in that awful place by the Tiber, without one day forgive him, for over fifteen years.

 Had more than sixty years when, in the dungeon, she received news of the death of his son Alberico, at forty years of age, and the rise of his grandson (son Alberico), Octavian, within the Church to impose as Pope. He was the first pope who changed his name, calling himself John XII. This happened during the winter of 955.

In the spring of 986, Pope Gregory V, who had twenty-three years old and his cousin the Emperor Otto III, decided that the old woman had languished in prison long enough. In those moments Marozia had over ninety years old and while cornered, was never really forgotten in high places. The Pope sent a bishop to the submissive exorcizase of his demons and lift his excommunication. She was acquitted of his sins and then was executed.