Sunday, March 24, 2013

Vampire Woman ...!

I was really surprised to hear about this woman, who has a history like no other. Here is part of the Mexican woman who is known as vampire woman.

Maria Jose Cristerna comes from a family of lawyers in Guadalajara, Jal. Is a woman like many, that after living and suffer domestic violence from her ex-husband, with whom she married at age 17, decided one day to leave all that behind and change your life completely, he left that life of abuse , to make your voice heard by other women and their story written left in his body to become the vampire.

José María covered almost their entire body with tattoos, multiple piercings was doing, has several titanium implants in the front pretending horns and modified some of his teeth to have fangs, giving an appearance of 'vampire'.
Maria Jose Cristerna, a lawyer, mother of four children, is considered one of the most tattooed people in the world, and states that "maintaining a normal life." She is married and her husband is a tattoo artist so understands her style.
Using his body as a canvas and voice to reach all women who have been harassed as she, being an example of perseverance and bravery.

Each tattoo, each drill, each extension of your body tells her story that had to change in order to raise her four children. It has several titanium implants in the front pretending horns and modified some of his teeth to have fangs, giving an appearance of "vampire."
"I am a normal housewife, a woman who is also engaged to tattoo, body art, do shows suspension laas try to help women who have also been hurt, because I come from domestic violence."

It was never expected that the changes in your body will give niven projection both nationally and internationally and is grateful, because their only goal is to help women who have been in the same situation as her. "I want to do some foundation or government help people who feel like me and that women can come and talk."

The International Women's Day last month, María José sends a message to all of them. "The message I want to share women, want to be what they want in life, that no obstacle, women in general, it is important that no one violates, or boyfriend, boss, spouse, we can not allow that at least this century, that the woman is first, that does not have to be modified to be her, everyone chooses their point of life, I want you to be happy. "

Lawyer entitled, Marijose prefer the small room that broke into his home, where does tattoos and body piercings, the courts or offices.

How was your childhood?

Very pretty. I was born here in Guadalajara and I can thank my parents say I was a little person happy, full of love and as normal as any other girl. Also, I had two brothers, a man and a woman, I am the greatest ".

When you begin to discover that you like tattoos?

I was struck from an early age, but not externaba, and was until adolescence when it was anxiety. The first thing I started looking for was information about body piercing (piercing), at that time I was 12. "

"Where are the friends of my children I make popcorn, and play cotorreamos happy."

Did you marry young?

Yes, at age 17. In fact, my parents helped me to finish my career, but I was already married, but the person I married did not support me. I married looking for an escape because my parents separated when I was 15 years old, was very painful and I thought getting married was to have a little freedom and appease pain and rebellion. "

How people treat you on the street?

Some people will see and admire. A wave is removed, others laugh and some congratulate me. The opinions come and go, but I never affected me, I'm fine with myself and the rest does not interest me. I know I'm a good mother, good partner and good human being. "

How much you got your tattoo?

We are 20 years into this, but since I've gotten the last 8 completely to tattoo. Tattooing is my way of being immortal, of really being a vampire and not dying, leaving my work on other skins. "
National Geographic soon tell his story in the second season of Taboo Latinoamerica.